What is a Chatbot?

Conversational AI, better known as chatbots, is a combination of advanced technologies, including NLP, natural language understanding, machine learning, and speech recognition, that process written and spoken input and respond naturally and humanely. Put simply, the chatbot is a tool integrated into your website to interact with visitors using a text interface in an automated manner.

Chatbots have played a significant role in increasing the importance of customer service and have made great contributions to user support and the “modern service desk”. As customers and employees began demanding interactive, real-time, omnichannel, bespoke engagement, businesses needed sophisticated tools to meet their growing needs.

Cos'è un Chatbot su WordPress? I 9 vantaggi essenziali da considerare
“88% of customers have had at least one conversation with a chatbot in the past year”

The 9 main advantages of using chatbots on your WordPress site

1. Improve customer support

A chatbot is designed to process responses in a split second and handle thousands of customer inquiries simultaneously. Another critical benefit of using a chatbot is that it can be customized to offer multilingual service and answer customer questions in their local language.
This allows your company to take advantage of new business sectors and at the same time give your audience a convenient user experience.
Modern customer service requires an immediate response or the ability to find assistance without the need for a lengthy interaction. This is a boon for companies that are unable to invest in a support team that takes time and resources to manage properly. In addition to alleviating the burden of having to have dedicated resources to provide first-rate customer service, businesses often leverage chatbots to streamline their internal and external operations.

2. Personalization

Chatbots can access the history of a user’s interaction with your company and answer users’ questions accordingly. Conversational chatbots can be integrated with your CRM to extract relevant data and create a personalized message.
A chatbot is like an auto vendor that helps customers with information related to your products and services. Consumers appreciate being able to ask questions when shopping. Using chatbots, you can personalize communication with your potential customers and convert them into customers in a short time.

3. Cost savings

Implementing chatbots will have a specific upfront cost. However, this expense is much lower than the usual customer service model which involves employee training, employee compensation, infrastructure cost, and several essential aids. Website chatbots are a better option for customer support. Furthermore, its maintenance costs are low.

4. Increase your sales

The pioneers of the business said that, on average, the incorporation of chatbots has expanded the business by 67%. Chatbots can introduce users to new services and products on your website. Delayed responses from companies result in lost sales.
Chatbots can service customers every minute of every day and offer quick responses. As a result, sales increase. A chatbot can provide all the data a customer needs to prompt them to make purchasing decisions.
Sometimes website visitors have questions they want an immediate answer to, and the potential delay in waiting for a response to a contact form discourages them. They also don’t want to wait to talk to someone on the phone, which is where a chatbot comes in very handy.

5. Reaches a wider audience

Most of your potential customers are on social networking platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which allow you to use chatbots. Incorporating chatbots into your company pages of these platforms will allow you to connect with a large pool of customers across various network platforms. Buyers can post their questions regarding your business which could convert into sales.
Help with payments. Sometimes the complexity of the checkout process is an obstacle for customers who would otherwise make a purchase – chatbots facilitate the buying process by making it conversational.

Cos'è un Chatbot su WordPress? I 9 vantaggi essenziali da considerare

6. Improve lead generation

Bots have grown to the point where they can engage customers with personalized messages throughout their experience. In fact, your business can use chatbots to generate leads by assisting customers in making quick decisions. AI bots can employ a pre-programmed quiz to entice users to fill out a form and generate leads, resulting in increased conversion rates.
With chatbots built into your website, you can efficiently collect their contact information without users having to fill out forms. It can sync this information with your CRM and share the details with your sales team who can act quickly.
The customer experience increases because users don’t have to fill out long forms and they get the relevant data easily. In addition, he is available 24/7 to answer their questions and even suggest your company’s products or services from time to time. Chatbots therefore significantly help generate leads for your business.

7. Time savings

A chatbot on your website can also save you a lot of time. A chatbot is an automated communication tool within your website that allows visitors to quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. Instead of having to answer the same questions over and over, these answers are readily available to your website visitors with just a few clicks.
But how do you know which questions to program answers for? Just calculate how often the various questions are asked in your previous contact forms: the ones that recur most times are the ones to use for your chatbot.

8. Increase customer engagement

Chatbots can help organizations take customer engagement to the next level. Since engagement is driven by user data, the experience can often be more engaging with the implementation of conversational AI chatbots. Additionally, bots can provide consistent responses, which helps avoid providing customers with unnecessary information. Customers will stay longer on your site, continuing the conversation when meaningful and timely responses are provided.

9. Collects useful data

By monitoring user data, chatbots are an effective tool for monitoring shopping trends and analyzing consumer behavior. This information can help companies market their products in new ways and expand their reach. Bots can also be used to collect feedback through simple questions in order to improve products or optimize your site.
The built-in AI, chatbot analytics, and machine learning mechanism allow the chatbot to read between the lines and extract useful information from the user.
This advancement helps you gain valuable insights into your customers’ behavior and the type of services they expect from your business. You can further improve the customer experience based on this data.

Cos'è un Chatbot su WordPress? I 9 vantaggi essenziali da considerare

Chabot vs. FAQ

Why shouldn’t we just use an FAQ page?

The chatbot can appear on any page of your website, allowing your visitor to interact with him wherever he is on your site and reminding him of this option. A chatbot can also seem more personal. This way, the website visitor receives a better customer service experience. While the FAQ page may be easy to find in your website menu, your visitor may not even go there before leaving your site.

In conclusion, businesses are expected to continue investing in conversational AI, businesses can look to AI to open up new revenue, cost reduction and business growth opportunities, as well as to foster innovation and make it easier. the adoption of new business models. Conversational AI allows companies to maintain and grow their user and customer base at a minimal cost, engage people in a new business model and compete more effectively.

Chatbots will increasingly be used in a variety of use cases and processes for consumers and employees, including information technology and security management, marketing and human resources.

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